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Inno-Vision specializes in the ability to automate systems that solve complex problems for our customers in a wide range of industries.
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Size Inspection:


Our client requested that Inno-Vision make a machine to ensure that the size of the solar panels always had the same size and always fit when installed.


The machine Inno-Vision created for them saves our client precious time during installation.


This machine is fully automatic.

EL Testing Machine:

Inno-Vision built this machine to automatically inspecting the solar cells for micro-cracks, which can adversely affect the overall quality rating of the solar panel and cost the manufacturer money.


Assembling Machine


This video shows an assembling machine for electrical meters that Inno-Vision created for a client in Denmark.


The machine is fully automatic, with electronic high precision screwing machines for assembling the pins or electrical wires up to 12 mm 2.


The print is inserted by a robot along with wires and pins. The wires are cut and insulation removed automatically

Filling Machine:


Our client requested that Inno-Vision create a very flexible filling machine for different kinds of fluids with a high foam number.


The machine can fill different types of bottles and also does leakage testing.


The machine has a very user-friendly touch panel for fast changes of products or parameters. 


Auto Assembly Machine


Custom built machine for a very large Internationally known company that produces innovative solutions for medical use.


The machine is highly effective and has given the customer a fast return of their 


Solar stringer machine


This machine was custom built or standart machine up to 1200 cells/hour.


The machine has no touch and use hot air to solder.

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