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IMS specializes in the ability to automate systems that solve complex problems for our customers using cutting edge hardware, software programers and methodologies.
Contact Us to discuss your project details.

Engineering Services

We can help supplement your resources. Our engineers are skilled at managing and streamlining projects to meet tight timelines and slim budgets.


We have a proven track record of satisfied Fortune 500 customers. 

Customized Design

We are experts in designing and developing custom manufacturing solutions to meet your needs.


Have a problem you think cant be solved? Ask our team to take a look. We have created specialized solutions and the "only one in the world" machiens to give fortune 500 clients a competive edge.


Utilize our teams expertise to solve your most complicated issues. Ask us about our NO CURE- NO PAY Services.


Have one of our expertise evaluate your manufacturing processes to find ways to improve your; 

 - Automation

 - Production Efficiency

 - Cost Effectiveness.


Software Development

We are experts in designing and developing custom software solutions.


Our software designs are user-friendly, intuitive, and scalable. Any source code that we provide will be maintainable, well-structured, and modular.

Turnkey Solutions

We can design, develop, and install an automated solution to meet your needs;


  • Automated Test and Measurement 

  • Data Acquisition

  • Vision

  • Instrumentation

  • Measurement Devices

  • Process Control

  • Real-Time Controllers

  • Pneumatics

  • Critically Timed Operations 


Learn more about how our expert skills can boost your performance and keep you competitive in today's economy.

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